Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"A Crazy, Magical Place"--Black Mountain College (1933 - 1957)

Buckminster Fuller professor at Black Mountain College
Instructor, Robert Motherwell and wife, Maria
Cy Twombly was a student at Black Mountain College

Willem de Kooning
Instructor, Merce Cunningham
Student Robert Rauschenberg--Self Portrait via Artist and Studio
A few of the creative minds at Black Mountain College in North Carolina,  an incubator for the American avant garde, founded in 1933 until 1957- included students such as Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, and San Francisco artist / sculptor, Ruth Asawa--and some instructors included painter, Robert Motherwell, architect, Buckminster Fuller, composer, John Cage, Painter Josef Albers, and dancer / choreographer, Merce Cunningham--What a line up! A student commented..."a crazy, magical place...so that one woke up in the morning excited and a little nervous, as though a thunderstorm were sweeping in." --via Artist and Studio and Mondoblogo--"The Men of Black Mountain College"

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