Friday, March 23, 2012

A Matisse Fest

Matisse in his studio 1909--via Lynne Hoppe tumblr

''There are always flowers for those who want to see them" via Catherine Willis

Matisse via Laflaneuse 8

Matisse via Artist and Studio

Matisse via Paper Images

via Artist and Studio

Matisse 1933 via Snow on Red Earth
via Alan Richert

Self-Portrait via Artist and Studio

via A Long Time Alone

via A Long Time Alone tumblr
via A long Time Alone
via Datura

via Carnet Imaginaire

via Datura
La Dance--first version donated to MOMA by Nelson A Rockefeller
La Dance--Maisse's first version 1909
second version of La Dance--1910 painted for Russian businessman, Sergei Shchukin via Fckyeaharthistory

Music--the piece originally hung with La Dance in the mansion of Russian Sergei Shchukin

via Thorsteinulf

via Datura--Beverly Shiller tumblr
via Lynne Hoppe
via Lynne Hoppe
This is one of my favorites! via Sophie Munns

via Sophie Munns
The Rosaire Chapel in Ville de Vance, France--via Sophie Munns

Rosaire Chapel --via Sophie Munns
It's a Matisse fest today. I really enjoy seeing these photos of the man--it makes him more real to me. The pictures are not in any particular order, just a few of my favorites that I haven't already posted.

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