Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picasso's Muse--Dora Maar (1907 - 1997)

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Portrait of Dora Maar 1936 by Man Ray via Real Life is Elsewhere
Picasso and Dora Maar via Real Life is Elsewhere tumblr
Dora Maar 1937 via Real Life is Elsewhere tumblr

Picasso's Head of a Woman 1938 via Culture Potion
via Datura tumblr

Picasso's Dora Maar ou Chat sold at auction for a record 95.2 million dollars

Picasso's "Woman Dressing her Hair"--via Moma
via The Traveler

via Moma
Dor Maar modeled for the 'Weeping Women"  series--1937 via Real Life is Elsewhere
via Flux Boston
Flux Boston
Flux Boston
Flux Boston
Picasso and Dora Maar (not looking too happy)

Picasso's Dora Maar brooch via The Jewelry Loupe
via The Jewelry Loupe
Dora Maar's house in Menerbes in Southwest France purchased in 1944 by Picasso
inteior of house
house exterior
Photograph by Dora Maar
Dora Maar (1907 - 1997) photographer, poet, and painter--and muse of Picasso--They met at Les Deux Magots in St. Germaine-des-Pres in 1936 when she was 29 and he was 54.


  1. Thanks for a revealing and fascinating portrait of a beautiful woman. I now know why she was one of Picasso's favorite muses.

  2. Hi Pat,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for your comment. It's nice to begin to know the women behind the man.


  3. she always seams to look so sad or maybe pensive when photographed alongside picasso

  4. Bonsoir

    La premiere photo est bien une photo de Dora Maar , et c'est un portrait de Nuche ( femme de Paul Eluard)


    TABK6 de France

  5. loved your amazing collection