Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picasso, Jacqueline, and his Canine Muse

Picasso and Lump via Bradh
Picasso and Dachshund "Lump" via Habitually Chic January 10, 2008
Picasso, Jacqueline, and Lump at Villa "La California" near Cannes--via Animalfair
Picasso, Jacqueline, and Lump
Happy dogs at Villa "La California"
Picasso and Jacqueline at Villa "La California" via University of Texas
Picasso and Jacqueline at Villa "La Californie" by David Duncan
Picasso via Snow on Red Earth
Picasso's studio via Creative Spaces tumblr
Picasso's sketch of Lump
Picasso viewing his portrait of Jacqueline
In 1955 Picasso bought a grand 19th-century villa in the hills just outside Cannes called "La Californie" whom he shared with his newest mistress and muse, Jacqueline--and a Dachshund named "Lump." At his death in 1973 at the age of 92, the villa was overflowing with thousands of finished and unfinished works, many still warehoused. To learn more, visit Mondo-Blogo and also John Richardson's November 1999 article in Vanity Fair--