Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Jackson Pollock--

Jackson Pollock via Artist and Studio
Pollock's boots via Artist and Studio
Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner 1950's on Long Island via Artist and Studio
Pollock family reunion via Artist and Studio
Pollack's studio interior via Artist and Studio
Jackson Pollock via Carex
Pollock in process via Snow on Red Earth
Pollock in his East Hampton studio via Flavorwire
Pollock 1946 via A Long Time Alone
iconic Jackson Pollock via wikimedia
A post in honor of the American Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock, born on January 28, 1956. "Painting is self-discovery." "Every good artist paints what he (or she) is." He died way too soon in an alcohol related auto accident at the age of 44.

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