Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photographer / Diarist Peter Beard

Peter Beard via Vivre!
Peter Beard via Mermaid in Madras blog
Peter Beard and wife, Nejma Beard at home in Montauk 2003 via NYMag
Peter Beard collection of diaries 2005--via NYMagazine
Peter Beard quote via Tish Evangelista
Peter Beard portrait of Francis Bacon via NY Magazine--story here
Peter Beard via Culture-keeper
Peter Beard via Like You
Peter Beard
Peter Beard via Nick Sanders
Peter Beard and daughter, Zara via Vivre!
Peter Beard "Kenyan Diaries" via Vivre!--merci
Peter Beard--Hog Ranch, Nairobi--via Vivre!
Peter Beard via Craig Lawrence online
Peter Beard in Africa
Peter Beard via Afritorial
Peter Beard
Peter Beard via This is Luster
Peter Beard "Zara's Tales"
American photographer, writer, diarist, Peter Beard--best known for his photos of African wildlife and photo-collage diaries, as well as his party-boy / celebrity lifestyle and larger-than-life personality--lives between Hog Ranch in Nairobi and Montauk. Born in New York City in 1938 to an aristocratic family, Beard first traveled to Africa in 1955 inspired by Karen Blixen's, "Out of Africa." Thanks now to the management of his work by his wife, Nejma, his work is starting to receive the attention he deserves.

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