Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vanessa Bell--Bloomsbury

Vanessa Bell

a young Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell
Vanessa Bell-- portrait of David Garnett--1915
Vanessa Bell--portrait of Roger Fry (her lover)--1912
Vanessa Bell--her sister, Virginia Woolf

Vanessa Bell self-portrait 1915
Vaness Bell

Vanessa Bell at Charleston House

Vanessa Bell--Virginia Woolf
Vanessa Bell--view of Pond at Charleston--1919--via A Long Time Alone
Vanessa Bell--Sleeping Muse

Vanessa Bell--Nude with Poppies--1916
Vanessa Bell--Two Figures 1913
Bloomsbury Group

Vanessa Bell--sketch of Roger Fry

Vanessa Bell in smock

Vanessa Bell outside Charleston House
Vanessa Bell

Vannessa Bell--portrait of Helen Dudley 1915

Vanessa Bell--portrait of Lytton Strachey
Vanessa Bell portrait of Mrs John Hutchison

Vanessa Bell
Vanessa Bell print

Vanessa Bell textile design

Vanessa Bell textile

Vanessa Bell textile

Vanessa Bell illustration
Vannessa Bell book jacket design

hand made tile gift

Vanessa Bell--hand painted Christmas present

Vanessa Bell textile
Charleston House in Sussex--country house--now a museum

Charleston House interior

Charleston House

Charleston House--the gathering place for the Bloomsbury Group

Charleston House--interiors painted by Vanessa Bell and  Duncan Grant
British artist, designer--and member of the Bloomsbury Group--Vanessa Bell (1879 - 1961)--sister of Virginia Woolf

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