Wednesday, August 5, 2015

John Evans

John Evans via Artsy

John Evans

John Evans

John Evans, Dreaming of You, via Gallery Henoch

John Evans via Gallery Henoch

John Evans, New Orleans Botanical Garden Pool

John Evans, Beach with Moon and Heavens

John Evans, A Curious Ring of Boats

John Evans

John Evans, Evening

John Evans, MB Mon Amour, via J Willott Gallery

John Evans, Spring Fields, via J Willott Gallery

John Evans, Stop, via J Willott Gallery

John Evans, California Beach

John Evans, Fields in the Beynac

John Evans, Marshlands

John Evans, Very Quiet
Works by Boston-based American artist John Evans born in 1945--


  1. I'm glad you've introduced me to this local artist! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Janis. He is so good. I especially love his spacious landscapes and beach scenes--so peaceful--B