Sunday, May 8, 2016

Artists and Their Mothers-

Rembrandt, The Artist's Mother, Neeltgen Willensdr, 1629 via HungerTV

Paul Cezanne, The Artist's Mother, 1867

James Whistler, Whistler's Mother (Anna Matilda McNeill), the iconic portrait, 1871

Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait of the Artist's Mother, (Anna Carbentus Van Gogh), 1888
Marc  Chagall, Mother by the Oven (Ida Chagall), 1914

Pablo Picasso, Mother, 1896,

Picasso had a close bond with his mother
Andy Warhol, Julia Warhola, 1974

David Hockney, My Mother, 1986

Lucien Freud, The Painter's Mother Resting, 1976
 Famous artists and paintings of their mothers--

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