Friday, June 10, 2016

Landscape Artist Tor Falcon, 'Diary of a Wild Place"

Tor Falcon, A New Gascon Vineyard in the Evenings, 2 Ways, May 2016, via A Long Time Alone

Tor Falcon, A New Vineyard in the Evenings, May 2016--Abbott and Holder

Tor Falcon, Alders Around an Old Gravel Pit, March 2016--

Tor Falcon, Dead Tree, Highcross, 2015-via Group-Eight

Tor Falcon, Green

Tor Falcon, High Nook, Late Afternoon, April 2015

Tor Falcon, Looking Towards the Battle Area from Grime's Graves, 2015

Tor Falcon, Morning, Gascony, May 2016 via A Long Time Alone

Tor Falcon, New Ditch, March 2016

Tor Falcon, Roman Road, May 2015

Tor Falcon, Threxton Hill, December 2014

Tor Falcon, Whiteside Looking Black, 2015
Works by Norfolk and Cumbria-based British landscape painter, Tor Falcon

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