Saturday, July 23, 2016

Emily Mason

Emily Mason and husband and fellow artist, Wolf Kahn--Kahn Mason Foundation
Emily Mason

Emily Mason

Emily Mason, Dew Drop

Emily Mason, Below Sea Level

Emily Mason, Cutting Edge I, 2014

Emily Mason, Daylight Savings, 2010, via  Findlay Galleries

Emily Mason, Distance from the Sea

Emily Mason, February Green Stonington

Emily Mason, Firefly, 2004

Emily Mason, Hidden Lake, 2009

Emily Mason, Jukebox, 2014

Emily Mason via LewAllen Contemporary, Santa Fe

Emily Mason, Mineral Spirits

Emily Mason, Safe Haven, 2013

Emily Mason, Take to the Air, 2013

Emily Mason, Yet the Sea is Never Full, 1989

Works by contemporary abstract painter, Emily Mason (born in 1932)--married to fellow artist, Wolf Kahn. I was fortunate to see her exhibit recently in Santa Fe at the LewAllen Contemporary gallery--

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  1. Her work intrigues me. Beautiful! Thank you for enriching my day.