Thursday, August 18, 2016

Billy Sullivan--"My Work is a Diary of my Life"

Billy Sullivan in his East Hampton studio--Artsy--also more at Kaufmann Repetto Gallery
Billy Sullivan, Klaus in Tulum, 2003, via Thunderstruck9
Billy Sullivan, Nathan, 1999 via Artsy

Billy Sullivan, Quince and The Times, 2012 via Artsy
Billy Sullivan, Mary's Dish

Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan East Hampton home

Billy Sullivan, Hydrangeas and Lilac, 2013

Billy Sullivan, Matisse and Anemones, 2007

Billy Sullivan, Sunflowers and Ralph

Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan, Amaryllis on a Tiger Rug, 2011, Kaufmann Repetto

Billy Sullivan, Town Line Beach, 2016

Billy Sullivan
Works by East Hampton-based, contemporary artist, Billy Sullivan-born in 1946--

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