Monday, October 31, 2016

Tom Wudl

Tom Wudl via L A Louver
Tom Wudl

Tom Wudl

Tom Wudl

Tom Wudl, Homage to Buckminster Fuller, 1973-1975

Tom Wudl, Kuan Yin Emanating from the Buddha, 1983

Tom Wudl, Associative Pluralities, 2005 via L A Louver

Tom Wudl, The Gift, 2005

Tom Wudl, Rapture of Dionysus,  1991

Tom Wudl, The Circular Ruins,  1996

Tom Wudl, The Inevitable, 1996

Tom Wudl

Tom Wudl, What Dante Saw the evening before his Birth, 1992

Tom Wudl, Yoga, 1982

Tom Wudl, Inexhaustible Benefit, 2009

Tom Wudl, Study for Cloud Blossom, 2010

Works by Bolivian-born, American contemporary artist, Tom Wudl, born in 1948--

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