Friday, December 16, 2016

Bay Area Artist--Joan Brown

Joan Brown--Artsy----Huffington Post article--here

Joan Brown 1967

Joan Brown, Portrait of a Dog, 1971

Joan Brown, Portrait of Toby the Cat, 1981

Joan Brown, Questions and Answers

Joan Brown, Self-Portrait with Donald, 1982

Joan Brown, Self-Portrait with Fish and Cat, 1970

Joan Brown, Self-Portrait at Age 42, 1980

Joan Brown, The Bride, 1969

Joan Brown, The Mermaid, 1970

Joan Brown, Woman Watching Boat, 1973

Joan Brown, Year of the Tiger, 1983

Joan Brown

Joan Brown, Eve with Fish and Serpents, 1970

Joan Brown

Joan Brown, Obelisk at Horton Plaza, San Diego, 1985
Works by San Francisco-based figurative painter, Joan Brown (1938 - 1990)--in her later years her paintings were inspired by her travels to India and her spiritual teacher, Sai Baba--

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