Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alice Neel--Unsparing Vision

Alice Neel--David Zwirner
Alice Neel, Plant in the Window, 1964

Alice Neel, Alice and Jose, 1938

Alice Neel, Gouray, c 1947

Alice Neel, Nancy and the Rubber Plant, 1975

Alice Neel, Rachel Zurer, 1961-62

Alice Neel, The Sea, 1947, via A Long Time Alone

Alice Neel, still life, 1965

Alice Neel, Philodendron, C.1970's

Alice Neel, Pink and Blue Hydrangeas
Works by New York-based American artist known for her unsparing portraits, Alice Neel (1900 - 1984)--not always easy to look at--

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