Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Annie Leibovitz "Pilgrimage"

Annie Leibovitz via Pace Gallery
Annie Leibovitz, "Pilgrimage" via Pace Gallery
Gerrgia O'Keefe's pastels from Annie Leibovitz, "Pilgrimage," Random House, 2011
Niagra Falls by Annie Leibovitz from her book, "Pilgrimage," published by Random House, 2011--via 2011/10/30 N Y Times
Stunning, evocative photos from Annie Leibovitz's new book, "Pilgrimage"--There are no photos of famous people, her usual subjects. But instead "traces left behind" such as a dress worn by Emily Dickinson, Freud's carpeted couch, Darwin's odd specimen collection--Leibovitz took on this project during a difficult period of her life-- "I needed to save my soul." 

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