Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quitokeeto--Glorious Gifts

some of the lovely offerings from online shop, Quitokeeto--here, Classe Ouviere churned seashore honey--yum

Big Sur holiday stolen from Quitokeeto

beautiful honey--Classe Ouviere miel--from Quitokeeto
Coltellerie Berti chef's knife-from Quitokeeto--who wouldn't want to own this!

Pallares Sosona--a very classy cleaver, I'd say--from Quitokeeto
Frazer Parfum solide--from Quitokeeto

Grassgreen peper blend--from Quitokeeto
Quitokeeto holiday offerings
Quitokeeto, a tres chic online purveyor of "items worth owning." By the look of their offerings curated by Heidi Swanson and Wayne Bremser, I would agree (especially if price is not an issue.) But their site is worth a look--if just for the sublime aesthetics and lovely descriptions. I found myself seriously thinking about their honey--that deep yellow--like liquid sunshine.

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