Monday, April 21, 2014

April Gornik--Haunting Landscapes

April Gornik

April Gornik

April Gornik

April Gornik

April Gornik, Red Dessert, 2008

April Gornik, The Lion's Eye

The home of artists, April Gornik and Eric Fischl

April Gornik, Storm Field, 2008

April Gornik in her studio

April Gornik's pristine studio

April Gornik, Waterspout

April Gornik, After Eden

April Gornik, Storm, Rain, Light, 2013

April Gornik's studio

April Gornik, Sea Light--Marlborough Gallery
Captivating, moody landscapes by American contemporary painter, April Gornik. She and her artist husband, Eric Fischl, live between a NYC loft and studio and five secluded acres on Long Island--where she also likes to walk her cats and play her acoustic guitar--

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