Friday, June 8, 2018

John Lurie--Man of Many Arts

John Lurie Art, Out by the Purple Wall Where Things are Delightful
John Lurie

John Lurie

John Lurie, 2014, After She Left, He would Stand Out in the Yard at Night and Quietly Say Her Name

John Lurie, Decaying Blue Lynx Head

John Lurie

John Lurie, Hummingbird

John Lurie

John Lurie, Our Wolf Lady of the Wolf Flowers

John Lurie, Porch

John Lurie, There are Things You Don't Know About

John Lurie

John Lurie, recently purchased by Anthony Bourdain (he will be missed greatly)

John Lurie, 2014

John Lurie
Works by the multi-talented artist/musician/actor/director, John Lurie--born in 1952

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